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Why GH3 Radio? Our Core Values are Faith, Love, and Service!

GH3 Radio – God’s House of Hip Hop (on Dash) is broadcasted from Hollywood, CA and is the #1 Christian and Gospel Hip Hop Station broadcasted digitally globally. GH3 Radio is a faith based hip hop radio station that plays Billboard Chart toppers, Grammy Award®, Stellar Award winning artists; like Lecrae, Emcee N.I.C.E., Social Club Misfits, Derek Minor, Bizzle, and Flame just to name some of the hottest artist to blaze the airways.

God’s House of Hip Hop on Dash has more than 10 million listeners tuning in every month via the Dash app found standard in 2017+ GMC cars, Toyota, Land Rover, Tesla via Slacker, all smart devices and of course mobile devices. GH3 Radio’s 24/7 365 day programing reaches a multitude of generations due to our clean hip hop format.

GH3 Radio appeals to the general population throughout the United States seeking to associate with good message based music, well produced and sonically sound. Our core listeners are youth and adults ages 16-55. GH3 Radio is ranked #1 with many different demographics, and will most likely reach your target demographic! Even the “Church” is saying Amen to CHH and Gospel Hip Hop and the L.A. Sentinel stated that station curator Emcee N.I.C.E. and Chani G. are taking Christian Hip Hop Global. Click here for Sentinel Article  

Food for Thought…

According to Nielsen ninety-five percent of millennials are reached by radio each month. That number grows to 97% of Gen-Xers, and 98% on Boomers. Consumers spend 85% of their time with ear-oriented media, such as Radio. Consumers in Southern California spend an average of 3-hours every day listening to Radio, and generally are seeking nitch stations dedicated to diverse playlist and promotions that are designed to enhance their core beliefs. GH3 Radio Amplifies God’s Word! Everyday.

The synergy that exists between God’s House of Hip Hop (Radio) and (website) bridges the gap between audio and visual and will enhance your marketing campaign. Blended media is the combination of Radio and Internet advertising. By combining Radio and Internet advertising you are able to extend your campaign reach, substantially increase your message outreach, maintain awareness between radio campaigns, maximize your advertising investments and reach the consumers while they are tuned-in and receptive to learning about your service or product.

Do I / We need a Big Budget to Advertise On GH3 Radio?

It’s your budget… the money you set aside to invest in your service or product. It’s our job to make your campaign reach our listening and viewing audience. Whether you’re looking for promotions, on-air giveaways, a GH3 Radio DJ/Jock endorsement of your product/service, sponsorships at our SOLD OUT concert events and festivals, or even email marketing to our opt-in database… your success matters and is a part of our vision to remain centered on our core values of; faith, love, and service. God’s Word Amplified!

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